FL4K Overhaul

FL4K Overhaul

Fixes some bugs with FL4K and changes skills, augments, and pet bonuses.

Please report any issue / bug caused by the mod.
Base game bugs are already known, i can’t fix them (or for now at least).

Thanks to CodyCode, SsPyR, Apocalyptech, 10 FPS, HackerSmasher, FromDarkHell, Apple1417 and others.

General fixes :

– All the Hunter Skills now have their bonuses updated after applying the Hunter Skill bonuses (Cosmic Stalker, Big Game and the Spiderant Countess).

– All the Pets now have their bonuses updated after applying the Pet Bonuses (Barbaric Yawp).

– Increased global pet damage.

Hunter Tree :

-Increased the Rakks base damage.

Augments :

– Increased the healing on Falconer’s Feast (now 15%)

– Rakkcelerate changed from +1 charges and cooldown to : double the amount of charges.

Trapper Tree :

– Ensnare Trap now activates every 2 seconds instead of every 4 seconds (Enemies can get stunlocked).

Augments :

– Forage now has less chances to drop ammo (1 in 5 instead of 1 in 3).

Pets :

– All the pets from the Trapper Tree have unchanged bonuses, but they were nerfed (not fire rate) and made to scale with Pet Bonuses like other pets do.

Skills :

– Success Imminent now scales with shield damage boosts (like nova and spike shields do) and get increased base damage.


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